Loretta & the Butcher

Let us tell you a story about how Loretta & The Butcher came to be...

In 2007, Mariano Codaro and Costa Grillas met in Miami and after working together for almost a decade, they followed their dreams of teaming up to open up a quaint boutique restaurant. They pictured a place where residents from the community could feel at home and enjoy a great meal at a fair price with impeccable service. Loretta and the Butcher is that dream fulfilled!

Hailing from Argentina, Mariano developed a rustic-classic menu, centered around quality meats and rich bold red wines which are staples in his upbringing in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Of Greek descent, Costa grew up in a lifestyle that used food as a vehicle for socializing and honing his hospitality skills. Having traveled extensively throughout Argentina, Costa’s affinity for great Malbecs quickly became an obsession.

On one of their many wine expeditions to Mendoza, Mariano and Costa sat down and over some bottles of wine conceptualized their dream restaurant — from the type of wood handle the steak knife would have to the home farm where the entraña steak cut would be sourced and even the type of sneakers the servers would wear!

Loretta was the name of the host at the vineyard that night. Loretta’s husband Diego had gone hunting earlier that day and he prepared them a feast for royals! That night the name “Loretta and the Butcher” was born!